Meeting Information

Board Meetings:

Any member may attend any board meeting. Space is limited, so please email the board at least 48 hours in advance to let them know you are coming.

Where: Usually Panico’s Pizza, but location can vary.

When: 7 PM, 1st Monday of each month, unless there is a national holiday, USATF-NJ LDR Meeting or important night race on same date. Dates subject to change!

If you are not a board member and want to attend make sure you let us know ahead of time.

General Membership Meetings:

Quarterly meetings to include items requiring membership votes, including the elections for the Board in December

Where: Highland Park Reformed Church

When: Dates will be announced in advance through the member eblast, but meetings will follow the regular Wednesday night club run

For any board related questions, don’t hesitate to Contact The Board at

Meeting Minutes


Minutes - 02.27.1752.9 KiB103
Minutes - 02.06.17226.6 KiB78
Minutes - 03.01.17 - GMM53.3 KiB74
Minutes - 01.09.17199.3 KiB72
Minutes - 04.03.17227.9 KiB65
Minutes - 06.05.1741.8 KiB36
Minutes - 07.10.1742.6 KiB33
Minutes - 05.01.1746.4 KiB32
Minutes - 06.10.17 - GMM40.6 KiB19
Minutes - 08.07.1741.7 KiB18
Minutes - 09.20.17 - GMM420.7 KiB14
Minutes - 09.11.1791.8 KiB8


Minutes 06.06.1676.3 KiB373
Minutes 03.09.16 - GMM239.7 KiB319
Minutes 03.07.16265.2 KiB316
Minutes 07.15.16 - GMM52.4 KiB264
Minutes 01.04.1654.3 KiB257
Minutes 02.01.16257.7 KiB255
Minutes 07.10.1677.8 KiB248
Minutes 04.04.1679.1 KiB245
Minutes 09.21.16 - GMM49.0 KiB240
Minutes 08.01.1674.5 KiB210
Minutes 08.29.1677.4 KiB209
Minutes 10.03.1675.7 KiB197
Minutes 11.07.1676.5 KiB120
Minutes 12.07.16 - GMM143.9 KiB108
Minutes 11.27.1677.2 KiB103

Older meeting minutes