Welcome to the Best Running Club in NJ!

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Welcome to our 2020 Board!

President- Wendy Reed

Vice President- Matt Ivan and Anne Siglam

Treasurer- Ryan Camales

Secretary- Rachel Engelson

Members at large- Sierra Swords, Charles Wellman, Brendan Maher and Iveta Blazej

We can't wait to share the new and exciting changes that we will be making to make our club the best that it can be!

Embracing safety, respect and community!

RVRR strives to be a safe, welcoming, respectful place for you to enjoy the sport of running and the camaraderie of a great community. We believe it’s the best running club in New Jersey. As part of our efforts to strengthen the club’s position, the board has established a new committee to re-evaluate the club’s existing code of conduct and to formalize procedures for addressing any violations to the code in an appropriate and timely manner. An important first step, is making sure that our members know there is a way to report violations through a standard, confidential web form. This new form, and additional details about it, can be found here. Feel free also to send any questions, concerns or suggestions about our procedures to rvrrcomplaints@gmail.com

Looking for a Central New Jersey Running club? Raritan Valley Road Runners might be for you! With runs from the Highland Park and Piscataway area, we attract runners from all over Central New Jersey like from New Brunswick, Edison, Somerset, and more! Though we are involved in many races and events, we are not only a group of racers. We strive to promote the sport of running and its healthy lifestyle. We also have fun at parties and other social events.


For general queries: rvrr@rvrr.org

To contact the board: board@rvrr.org

To file a complaint: rvrrcomplaints@gmail.com

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