Monday Evening Runs

The run location and time is Franklin Public Library, 485 Demott Lane, Somerset at 6:30pm

Click the image below to find us.

Monday evening run in Somerset

Franklin Public Library at 485 DeMott Lane, Somerset.

The run starts at 6:30 PM. Course options of about 7.1 miles, 5 miles, and 3.6 miles are available. The 7.1 mile course is marked by orange arrows. See below for route information and course maps.

If you have a running watch that supports GPX courses, the appropriate files can be downloaded at the following links:

During late October to early March, it will be dark during all or part of the run, so wear reflective clothing and bring a headlamp if you can.

On the 5 mile course, the key turn is a left onto Webster, near the end of the JFK straightaway. From Webster take the footpath to Hickory and go left. Take the next right (Hemlock) then the next left (New Brunswick rd). At the next light, cross DeMott and go left, then follow the DeMott sidewalk back to the starting point. 

The 3.6 mile option departs from the regular course by going left at St Mathias Church and exiting left out of the parking lot. Bear right onto Buttonwood and then Magnolia. At the end of Magnolia use care crossing DeMott and then go left along the sidewalk back to the starting point