RVRR Scholarship

Scholarship Program


The Raritan Valley Road Runners’ (RVRR) primary objective is the promotion and encouragement of running. RVRR events raise funds which are used to host future running events and to promote running. RVRR is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting running for positive physical and mental health benefits. Accordingly, as a nonprofit, RVRR uses these funds to support running related activities and to raise the visibility of RVRR in the community. In this context, the RVRR board has created a scholarship program to help high school seniors and community college student runners, who attend school in Middlesex and Somerset counties, advance their education. It is also a way to reward, encourage, and recognize our local running youth who have achieved athletic success in the sport of running. The scholarship rewards strong academics and those who have demonstrated both citizenship and good sportsmanship. We are not necessarily looking for the best or fastest runners; what we look for is evidence of the student's enthusiasm for running. Financial need is a consideration. The program is funded through individual donations, donations made in memory of a loved one, funds from the club sponsored races, and business contributions.

Why does RVRR want to do a scholarship?

Given today’s higher education costs, any support for area runners is welcome. RVRR will award two $1000 scholarships each year to deserving runners who attend high school or community college in Middlesex and Somerset Counties in New Jersey.

The benefits include:

· recognition and promotion of runners in our area

· raising the visibility of running among young people in our community

· encouraging local runners to pursue running and education

· raising the visibility of RVRR in the community, which might have the added benefit of increased membership.

Scholarship Process

RVRR will reach out to area coaches and schools to publicize the scholarship. Under the auspices of the RVRR Board, a 3-member volunteer committee will conduct the selection process. RVRR will award a one-time $1,000 scholarship to each of two local runners.

To promote the selected students, the process will be completed by April 1st so that their award can be included in Spring awards banquets. This will provide additional recognition for the scholarship recipients. We will release press notices to newspapers and local radio stations to announce the recipients.


  • Students graduating from any high school in Middlesex and Somerset Counties in New Jersey in the spring semester or currently attending community college in these counties.

  • Enrollment into a full-time study program (12 credits) that will lead to either an Associate's or Baccalaureate degree. Applicants to provide acceptance letter from institution.

  • Passionate participation as a runner in either cross country or track & field in their junior and senior years of high school or currently participating in community college.

  • Weighted GPA of 2.75 or higher as demonstrated by a provided unofficial transcript.

  • Participation in extracurricular activities and community involvement.

  • Displays exemplary citizenship and good sportsmanship on their running teams.

  • Plans to continue running in college and beyond.

  • Demonstrates a financial need.

Application Process:

The application is comprised of 5 parts:

1. Application Form (link below)– Complete and sign.

2. Short Essay – Written by the applicant, addressing the criteria listed in the application.

3. Letter of Recommendation – 1-page recommendation from the candidate’s running coach, emailed directly by the coach to the scholarship selection committee.

4. Unofficial school transcript – Proof of weighted GPA of 2.75 or higher.

5. Proof of Enrollment – proof of acceptance or enrollment in a 2- or 4-year college program.

Applications will only be accepted via email. The applicant should submit the Application Form and Short Essay, and the coach should submit the Letter of Recommendation. Please email all documentation to scholarship@rvrr.org

All components of your application must be received by January 31, 2021.

Selection Criteria:

It will be the sole discretion of the scholarship committee to determine the best candidate(s) among those applying each year.


Scholarships are awarded one time. The scholarship committee can choose not to award any funds in a given year.

Use of Funds and Distribution:

The award is intended for the use of the recipient in pursuit of post-secondary education. Funds will be issued directly to the student. Recipient agrees to have picture and highlights featured on rvrr.org.

Donations can also be made in memory of a loved one. RVRR is a tax exempt organization under 501c3 and as such, donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible.

THANK YOU to our Generous Donors

5K DONORS (Up to $25)

Thomas Aussem

Tony Pereira

Joseph Devaney 3rd

Kelly O'Neill

Isidora Sheeha

Peter Heimann

Diandra Meloni

Jessi Clark

Jason Mostow

Mauricio Aguirre

Jessica Brown

Cathy Garofalo

Suzanne LaBurt -In Memory of Tom O'Reilly

Keith Davis

Dominic Borda

Lauren Warner

Elizabeth Canavan

Mike Moschitta-in Memory of Julian Zammit

Katie Gill

Mitchell Mond

George Dale

Cara Yezzi

Madelyn Reyes

Kimberly Czernikowski

10K DONORS (Up to $50)

Ray Petit-In Memory of Julian Zammit

Sonya Slyman

David Allara

John C. Kane

Matthew Geibel

Bruce Keele

Terence Rivada-In memory of Tom "Dragon" O'Reilly

Robin Hartwig-In memory of Scott and Jerry Hartwig

Jim Carr

Half Marathon DONORS (Up to $100)

Christina Caimi

Christine Dugan-In Memory of "Tommy O"

Michele Harrison-In Memory of Tom O'Reilly

Jeanette Hur and Declan and Kaya O'Reilly-In Memory of our Dad, Tom O'Reilly

Silvia Briscoe

Paul Grassie

Jennifer Adams

Robert Tona

Sonal Shah

Marathon DONORS (Up to $500)

Michael Moschitta and Friends of Julian Zammit-In Memory of Julian Zammit

Ray Petit

Doug Brown

Michelle Campbell

Shannon Sweeney & Tyson, Etta & Nellie Seely

Wendy and Matt Reed-In Memory of Tom and Julian

Imme Dyson

Mr and Mrs Thomas Dalum in memory of Tom O'Reilly

Ultra DONORS (> $500)

Tom and Jo O'Reilly-In Memory of Tom O'Reilly

Paul Levine

MaryAnn Imroth

Robert Palladino

Kristin Cahill

Gene Gugliotta-In Memory of "Dragon"

Christine Prorock-Rogers

Spencer and Louise Forman

Jenny Gross

Alyce Vornlocker

Imme Dyson

Bonnie Brunish

Rachel Engelson

Nicole Prorock

Neil Hume

Charles Wellmann

Brendan Maher

Michael Klavansky

Aurora Pikunich

Diego Castro

Karen Schindler and Liam and Kieran

Kathryn Stoker

Michael Dillon

Drew Pennyfeather

Elmira Higoy

Yoi Oshako

Yee Hang Icasiano

Alex Hohmann

Christina Caimi

Donna Briganti

John Frentz

Anne Luck-Deak

Padre Burgess

Lauren Merenda

Jackie Bartolotta

Ilene McFarland

Harry Kostyk

Eric Previte

Bryan Reilly

Eric Gaulin

Paul Grassie

Michelle Krier

Marc Alterman

Christine Nicotra

David Whitehead

Debs Mcquair

Jessica Clarke