Saturday Morning Runs

Every Saturday morning, we meet in Johnson Park in Piscataway for a group run.

Our current meeting location is Grove 5 at 8AM on Saturdays.

Summer time runs at Grove 5 - Late April through August 

Summer Saturday runs start at 8am to help avoid the heat of the day. We meet at the parking lot near Grove 5, across from the Rutgers Football Stadium. 

Winter at Grove 2 by the Zoo – from September to April

During the fall and winter we move to Grove 2, in September and October we meet at 8am and from November we meet at 9am. We run from the Zoo parking lot, about 0.7 miles east of Landing Lane past the Route 18 bridge and past the horse track. Heading east on Johnson Drive from Landing Lane, the Zoo is on the left and is set about 150 meters back from Johnson Drive.


The dates aren't hard and fast. In Spring and Fall, the location and start times vary, depending on whether the restrooms at Grove 5 are open or if there are Rutgers games that impact access. Check here or your weekly email for the latest details.

Alternate site during closures

If Johnson Park is closed because of floods, deep snow, football games, special events, etc., we meet at the Tennis Court Parking lot at Johnson Park, right off River Rd. Runners will often announce on our Facebook group page whether there is a closure. 

Where we run

The Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath, a State Park, is one of the best running experiences in New Jersey. It is flat by design and mostly smooth because the Park repairs flood damage by spreading a medium-grained crushed red shale that is delightful to run on. There are many birds and other wildlife to see and seasonal wildflowers to encourage a meditative state on an easy long run. You can run forever. But don’t feel pressured to do so. You can run as little or as far as you want. This does not have to be your “long run,” but it will surely be your most pleasurable. The run is out-and-back from Landing Lane. Typical distances vary from 3 to over 20 miles and runners of all levels and speeds are welcome!  Restrooms are available at the start (Grove 2 or Grove 5) and at the Van Wickle house across the Demott footbridge.

Parallel to Johnson Park is River Road, which is the southern limit of Rutgers’ Busch Campus. Many different roads on the Busch and Livingston Campuses of Rutgers allow loops of ~3ish to 7 miles, which we call “Dragon loops.” If ice or flood damage makes the Towpath hazardous these loops are particularly popular.

Post Run Eats

Join us for brunch after the run! We usually head to the Somerset Diner on Easton Avenue in Somerset for some food and socializing. In the winter people arrive by 1045 a.m. and in the summer 945 a.m. if you just want to join us for the food.

More about the Towpath

History of D & R Canal