Code of Conduct

RVRR Membership Code of Conduct

The RVRR code of conduct is meant to ensure the safety of club members as well as the larger community and to foster a culture of respect, good sportsmanship and mutual support in RVRR. This code of conduct extends to all club-sanctioned running and social events, but can extend to any situation where RVRR membership is the primary reason for a gathering or interaction, or where membership in RVRR could be reasonably inferred, such as when wearing club-branded gear. 


Members are to be respectful, not just of other members, but of all fellow runners, event volunteers, spectators, and members of the communities in which we run and hold events. This includes being respectful of community and local laws as well.

RVRR is not tolerant of inappropriate or biased actions or statements based on age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, appearance, marital status, political affiliation, disability, educational background, religion or any other characteristic or status. 

RVRR will not tolerate bullying, taunting and disruptive or harassing behavior, including inappropriate or intimidating behavior and language, unwelcome jokes or comments, unwanted touching or attention, requests of a sexual nature (including repeated, unwelcome requests for dates), the sharing of offensive or explicit images, the taking or posting of expressly unwanted photography, and stalking.

These actions will not be tolerated in person or on digital platforms including, but not limited to, RVRR social media pages, and personal messaging.


Members must abide by race rules and engage in fair competition, which includes anti-doping compliance, and no course cutting or other means of gaining a competitive advantage that is considered cheating in club races or other races where you may represent the club. The USATF safe sport handbook can serve as a guide, particularly the guide for athletes (section 3.4).


Members are expected to contribute to and foster a safe environment for everyone. It is the responsibility of all club members and club leadership to report any violations that they see take place. If a member is not sure of whether a violation has occurred, they may contact our complaints committee at They may also report via a standard, confidential web form that is monitored by the club president and the chair of the complaints committee. For more information about what happens when a complaint is made see here.

Violation of the code of conduct may result in sanctions up to and including revocation of membership without refund. For more details see here.

Retaliation against or intimidation of club members involved in a code of conduct complaint or investigation will be considered a serious offense. And filing groundless or malicious complaints is an abuse of this policy and will be treated as a violation.